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Exhibition catalogue "Upside Down Les Arctiques"

Exhibition catalogue "Upside Down Les Arctiques" €39.00
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Exhibition catalogue "Upside Down Les Arctiques"

Conceived by Edmund Carpenter, cinematographer and specialist in Canadian and Siberian Arctic anthropology, this exhibit offers the visitor a novel experience: the discovery, for the first time in Europe, of the totality of Eskimo arts. It invites one to take a voyage around the entire icecap, from Siberia to Alaska, where the civilizations (Evenk, Dorset, Kushkokwin, etc.) are just so many points of reference. Doug Wheeler, an American artist who was a pioneer in the "Light and Space" movement created the Exhibit's setting. Jean de Gastines' signature scenography incorporates the Gallery's curves, which were designed by Jean Nouvel, as a course that runs through white landscapes, with no orthogonality, from the North Pole.

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, Musée du Quai Branly
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