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Marie-Antoinette Stole

Marie-Antoinette Stole €90.00
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Marie-Antoinette Stole

This stole is inspired by "La Gazette des atours de Marie-Antoinette", dated 1782. This document, which once belonged to Madame d'Ossun, the lady-in-waiting responsible for Marie-Antoinette's attire, is a register containing different pieces of fabric used for the queen's wardrobe.

Each sample is accompanied by a brief hand-written description. It is striking to note that these materials are in no way luxurious but tend, on the contrary, to be rather simple. This is in sharp contrast with representations of the queen and writings of the period that denounced Marie-Antoinette's extravagant spending.

At the end of the 18th century, the notion of luxury did not lie in the richness of the fabrics but rather in the way the garments were cut and how they were accessorized.

The marchande de mode did not just sell dresses; she used her talent to create new lines and ways of modernising and renewing fashion.

50 x 180 cms
Green, beige, pink
100% wool
Fashion, Scarves, stoles & shawls
Musée des châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon, Musées et domaine nationaux de Compiègne
Marie-Antoinette, Kings, Queens, Castles
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