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Scarab ring with the name of Queen Iahhetep

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Scarab ring with the name of Queen Iahhetep

Rings made an appearance during the very first dynasties and were frequently worn from the Middle Kingdom onwards. During this period, the setting was often in the shape of a scarab, which can be turned so that it can also be used as a seal.

In addition to a variety of motifs (flowers, divinities, prophylactic signs and other decorative elements), the names and titles of the owner were often included.

This custom still prevailed at the beginning of the New Kingdom, as in this scarab ring bearing the name and titles of Queen Iahhetep, «mother of the king and royal wife». Her tomb contained many pieces of jewellery.

Larg. 1,30 cm - 5 g
Brass, Lapis-lazuli
Epoch or artist
Beginning of the New Kingdom, 17th to 18th dynasties
Material of the original
Original in gold and lapis-lazuli
Jewellery, Rings
Musée du Louvre
Art movement
Egyptian Antiquities
Brass, Lapis-lazuli
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