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The faun is a legendary creature in Roman religion: a hybrid horned being, half-man, half-goat, named after the god Faunus, who was the protector of shepherds and their flocks.

Often associated with the Greek satyr, he also embodies the crude, undomesticated side of nature. He is fond of wine and music and often shown smiling and cheerful.

Cleaning : use only a feather duster

The Artist : Simone Boisecq was born in Algiers, the daughter of the Breton poet Emile Boisecq. She met the sculptor Karl-Jean Longuet in Paris in 1946 and married him in 1949. Far from academism and the classical tradition, she began exploring the primitive, wild side of nature in her sculptures, suggested by volumes rather than colours.

She also made trees, mingling vegetable and mineral aspects in a stylised arborescence. The tree is sometimes an architectural structure topped with a cross motif, which turns into a figure with raised arms. Nature and human figures meld together in a primitive, mystic surge in her early work.

Echoing her works on nature, some of her sculptures drew on mythology through strange, hybrid creatures: totems and fauns. This dual figure became an important theme in her work, especially in her representations of the couple.

H. 19,5 ; L. 10 ; P. 7 cm
Metal alloy
Sculpture, European Arts
Autres musées
Mythology, Sculpture, Statues
Art movement
Modern & Contemporary Art
Simone Boisecq
Metal alloy
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