Notebook Meuricoffre - Portraits of Antoine Jean Gros

Notebook Meuricoffre - Portraits of Antoine Jean Gros


The identical reproduction of the Meuricoffre album, acquired by the Louvre in 2018, is a great opportunity to leaf through one of the only two portrait books attributed to Antoine Jean Gros (the other being in a private collection).
A precious testimony to Gros' activity as a portraitist ...
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Dimensions :
12,9 x 16,4 cm
Artist :
Baron Antoine-Jean Gros (1771-1835)
Museum :
Musée du Louvre
Art movement :
18th century
Size of the book :
Paperback with flap
Reference :

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The artist

Baron Antoine-Jean Gros (1771-1835)

Antoine-Jean Gros was one of the most famous pupils of the painter Jacques-Louis David. A representative of neo-classical painting, he then turned towards Romanticism, becoming one of his first followers. He enjoyed early success, particularly at the court of Napoleon Bonaparte, painting portraits of Napoleon and his wife but also history paintings.