Archaeology is the art of making the remains speak, it is both an ancestral science. From the caves of Lascaux to the ruins of Pompeii, archaeology has not finished delivering us the secrets of ancient cultures.
Did you know?
The cave of Lascaux was discovered by 4 teenagers and a dog who were looking for the secret entrance of the neighboring castle and its hidden treasure. Chasing a rabbit, the dog of the 4 comrades ran into a hole, which seemed to hide a larger cavity. Curious, the young men returned a few days later to continue the exploration. This is how they discovered the "Sixitine Chapel" of prehistory, as Father Breuil named it.
" What makes the difference between Pompeii and all the other archaeological sites is that we have a snapshot of life and death with everything that surrounded the Pompeians of the time. " Alix Barbet

Pompeii Immersive walk. Archaeological treasures. New discoveries

1 July 2020 2 November 2020 Exhibition Finished
An immersive tour plunges the visitor into the heart of Pompeii, from the time of its splendour and during the tragedy of its destruction, through 360° projections in very high definition, sound creations and 3D reconstructions of streets and houses. Combining technology and archaeology, the exhibition tells the fascinating story of this City and the (re)discoveries made possible by the excavations carried out in all...

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