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It was after an accident that Man Ray and his assistant and lover Lee Miller rediscovered the technique of solarization. While developing negatives, Lee Miller accidentally turned on the light. Catastrophe, ... not really, the developed photos were as if surrounded by a luminous halo. Man Ray liked the result so much that he made it his trademark, developing and perfecting this technique.
Man Ray - 'Solarisation' 1931
" Photography is an immediate answer to a perpetual interrogation " Henri Cartier-Bresson

Man Ray and fashion

23 September 2020 17 January 2021 Exhibition Finished
Close to the Dada and Surrealist movements, Man Ray became in the 1920s the photographer of the fashionable fashion houses and published his pictures in the most prestigious magazines. Linking photography and fashion, the exhibition presents an unknown aspect of the work of this major 20th century artist....

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