Loyalty Scheme FAQs

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Loyalty Scheme

-How do I join the Club Boutiques de Musées Loyalty Scheme?
Membership of the Loyalty Scheme is free of charge and will be offered to you when you confirm your next purchase on www.boutiquesdemusees.fr or when you register on www.club.boutiquesdemusees.fr/en/login.
Within 24 hours, you will receive a welcome email setting out the benefits of the Scheme.

-I took out a physical Loyalty Card in a museum shop. Can the Club Boutiques de Musées Loyalty scheme be combined with this card?
These two schemes are independent of one another:
-In the museum shops, present your physical Loyalty Card at the checkout. The way it operates remains unchanged. It entitles you to discounts on products and on books.
-On www.boutiquesdemusee.fr, the points associated with your purchases are automatically accrued and they entitle you to receive Loyalty Vouchers to a value of €7.50, for use against products.

-I have forgotten my password for accessing my Loyalty Space. What should I do?
Your Loyalty identifiers are the same as for your Customer Account.
If you have forgotten your password, simply go to the "My Account" section, enter your identifier (your email address) and click on "Forgotten password". It will be sent to you automatically.

-I am not receiving emails from club.boutiquesdemusees.fr or boutiquesdemusees.fr. What should I do to receive them?
It might be that your details contain an error. You can check your personal information in the "Your Account" section and in the "Newsletter" section.
Depending on the messaging software you are using, it could also be that the emails we are sending you are treated as spam. We therefore recommend that you check in the spam folder to see whether these emails are there, in which case simply highlight them and identify them as "not spam".

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-What do I do to collect Keys?
Every time you place an order on www.boutiquesdemusees.fr, you will automatically earn the number of Keys that corresponds to the amount of products (books excluded) ordered.
€1 = 1 Key ("€1" signifies after discount, exclusive of book, delivery and gift packaging charges).
If the total amount of your purchases includes Centimes as well as Euros, the number of points awarded will be calculated as follows:
-for a purchase value of €10.45, 10 Keys are awarded
-for a purchase value of €11.55, 12 Keys are awarded
-for a purchase value of €12.50, 13 Keys are awarded
Up to 600 Keys can be earned per purchase in any 24-hour period.

-Can I earn Keys on delivery and gift packaging charges?
The number of Keys is calculated on the amount of your basket excluding discount and excluding delivery and gift packaging charges.

-Can I earn Keys on books purchase?
No, it is against the French law of 8 July 2014 on the conditions of distance selling books.

-I have just joined the Club Boutiques de Musées Loyalty Scheme. Can I earn Keys on purchases prior to my membership?
No, it is not possible to earn Keys retrospectively. Only Keys linked to your future purchases will be counted.

-How do I consult my Keys balance?
Your Kays balance is shown in your Loyalty Space on www.club.boutiquesdemusees.fr

-I have just made a purchase through www.boutiquesdemusees.fr but the Keys linked to that purchase have not appeared in my Loyalty Space, what should I do?
The Keys linked to your purchase will definitely be counted. They will appear within 24 hours of placing your order.
If your purchase has entitled you to a Loyalty Voucher, an email will be sent to you within 24 hours of your purchase and your voucher will be available within the same period in your Loyalty Space.

-Can I earn Keys on purchases made using my Loyalty Vouchers?
Where a purchase is paid for in full or in part with a Loyalty Voucher, the Keys awarded will be calculated after the value of that Loyalty Voucher has been deducted.

-How long do my Keys last?
Your Keys remain valid for an unlimited period of time. You can find your points balance at any time in your Loyalty Space.
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Loyalty Vouchers

-How do I use my Loyalty Vouchers?
Your Loyalty vouchers can only be used on www.boutiquesdemusees.fr, for the purchase of products of a value of at least €7.50 within 6 months of issuance. They will be sent to you by email 15 days in advance.They can be viewed in your Loyalty Space and can be used when you make your next purchase, at order confirmation. Simply tick the box or boxes that correspond to the vouchers you wish to use.
Loyalty Vouchers do no give rise to any exchange, reimbursement or issuance of a credit note or to a refund.

-Can I accumulate Loyalty Vouchers?
Yes, you can collect several Loyalty Vouchers up to the limit of 4 vouchers in any 24-hour period.
You can thus enjoy a reduction on products of between €7.50 and €30.

-Can I use my Loyalty Vouchers when a promotional campaign is on?
Promotional campaigns entitle the customer to preferential prices and your Loyalty Vouchers cannot be used with them.

-My Loyalty Voucher has expired. Can you send me a new one?
Your Loyalty Voucher's expiry date is shown when we email it to you. It is also shown in your Loyalty Space. We cannot extend its validity or send you a new one.

-Can I return a product that I have used a Loyalty Voucher for?
A product in full or in part with the use of a Loyalty Voucher cannot be exchanged or refunded.

-Is it possible to use my Loyalty Vouchers in a museum shop?
Your Loyalty Vouchers can only be used on www.boutiquesdemusees.fr. They cannot be used in museum shops.

-Can I give my Loyalty Voucher away as a gift?
Your voucher is not transferable. It is strictly personal and cannot be given as a gift to a third person.

For all other questions, you can consult the General Terms and Conditions of the Club Boutiques de Musées Loyalty Scheme or contact us at the following address: club.boutiquesdemusees@rmngp.fr
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