Christmas at the Louvre

For the holiday season, Musée du Louvre offers a selection of original and original gifts! Find inspiration to please your loved ones with items reproducing works from the museum's collections, and be tempted by new items resulting from collaborations or related to the Louvre's latest exhibitions.

The Youth Selection

Discover the Louvre's selection of games to play with the most emblematic works in its collections and learn while having fun!

Things, a history of the still life

The exhibition revisits the genre of the still life, in the perspective of this eternal dialogue between the artists of the past and those of the present. Through our attachment to them, it is also our relationship with material goods that is told. From prehistoric axes to Duchamp's ready-made, via Chardin and Manet, the entire history of art is revisited.

Papier Tigre X Louvre

A line of stationery that revisits Ancient Egypt! The Rmn-Grand Palais and the Louvre Museum have invited Papier Tigre to design a new line of poetic and graphic stationery, with stylised motifs freely inspired by iconic works from the collections of the Louvre's Department of Egyptian Antiquities.

Palais des thés

After the success of the two teas Côté Cour and Côté Jardin, Palais des thés and the Louvre Museum are extending their collaboration and have now created two infusions inspired by the collections of the world's greatest museum.

New Era

By presenting the New Era X Louvre collection, bring to life some of the Louvre's most internationally recognized and esteemed works of art

The Chalcography Department

Founded during the Revolution, the Chalcographie du Louvre was given the task of disseminating information at a time when prints were the only technical means of reproducing images, including those of the young museum's masterpieces. Over the years, the Chalcographie has been enriched with new plates through acquisitions, commissions, gifts, and deposits. Today, the collection continues to grow thanks to commissions from contemporary artists.

Jewelry from the Louvre

Here is a selection of jewelry from the Louvre Museum: reproductions of historical ornaments or creations inspired by the most famous paintings. The originality and quality of this jewelry will make perfect gifts for the holidays.

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