Queens, kings and castles

The French royalty may have fallen a long time ago, many castles bring us back to this luxurious time, discover these mythical homes and their former residents who have made France a high place of world's culture.
Did you know?
Everyone knows that the longest reign goes to Louis XIV who has ruled 72 years . But did you know that the shortest reign goes to his descendant, Louis XIX, whose reign lasted ... 20 minutes. The time for him to abdicate in favor of his nephew.
" "It is up to ordinary men to limit their application to what is useful and agreeable to them, but the princes, in all their counsels, must have as their first objective the question of what may give them or take away their public applause. . " " Louis XIV - Sun King
Musée et domaine nationaux du château de Fontainebleau

Louis XV à Fontainebleau - La demeure des rois au temps des Lumières

2 April 2016 4 July 2016 Exhibition Finished

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