Soviet art

Communist ideology had a major influence during the 20th century, setting a particular social and political context. Soviet art thus reflects the specificities of this period, through a unique aesthetic and the appearance of many avant-garde movements.
Did you know?
Mikhail Anikushin was so unsatisfied with his work that he invested his own money to rebuild the statue in honour of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, even though it had been validated by the government. The statue is still visible today in the Square of Arts in St. Petersburg.
©Olaf Meister
" The most precious things in pictorial creation are colour and texture. They constitute the pictorial essence that the subject has always killed. " Kasimir Malevich

Red. Art and Utopia in the Land of the Soviets

18 March 2019 1 July 2019 Exhibition Finished
In 1917, the October Revolution caused a disruption of the social order, with decisive repercussions on artistic creation. Many artists adhere to the communist project and want to participate through their works in the construction of the new society. Led for the most part by authentic convictions, these artists oppose each other in defining what the art of socialism should be. But by the end of the 1920s, the...

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