Bracelet Wièse

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Bracelet Wièse
Bracelet Wièse
Bracelet Wièse

Based on a silver bracelet, created circa 1850 - 1852.

This bracelet is probably a model by Jules Wièse, taken over by his son. The original model is in partially gilded silver. It is signed Wièse on the clasp, and stamped with the small silver guarantee sign of Paris, as well as the mark of the maker, Master Louis Wièse.

A skilful chaser and jeweller who worked for Jean-Valentin Morel, and then for the famous François-Désiré Froment-Meurice, Jules Wièse set up his own business in 1844. Continuing to produce jewellery for Froment-Meurice, in 1855 Wièse was responsible for the execution of the reliquary of the Talisman of Charlemagne for Emperor Napoleon III, and in 1860, the sword of Maréchal Mac-Mahon.

Wièse continued to be active in the tradition of the Romantic period, and was the major representative of the neo-Gothic and neo-Renaissance styles. Later, he introduced a fashion for "archaeological" jewellery and reproduced antique filigree and granulation techniques; his enamels were famous. In 1880, his son Louis took over family firm in 1880, which ceased its activities in 1924.

Tin silver
19 cm
3.66 cm
Small pouch
Silvery pewter

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