54 piece jigsaw puzzle - Lake Eychauda

54 piece jigsaw puzzle - Lake Eychauda

Puzzle of 54 pieces representing a detail of the work of Laurent Guétal, Lac d'Eychauda, 1886

The final dimensions of the puzzle are about 22 x 14 cm.

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Dimensions :
Boîte plastique : H. 12 cm ; Ø 7 cm - 54 pièces
Artist :
Laurent Guétal (1841-1892)
Art movements :
19th century, French paintings
Museum :
Musée de Grenoble
Material :
Reference :

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The artist

Laurent Guétal (1841-1892)

Laurent Guétal is born in 1841 in Vienna and died in Grenoble in 1892, he is a French abbot and painter. He belongs with Jean Achard to the Dauphinoise school, a movement which takes its name from the province of Dauphiné in which he was born and which focuses on the representation of the splendours of mountain landscapes. Named "abbot of the peaks" Laurent Guétal has painted many high altitude landscapes including the famous "Lac de l'Eychauda".