Georges Braque, a self-portrait DVD

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Georges Braque, a self-portrait DVD
Georges Braque, a self-portrait DVD
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Georges Braque, a self-portrait DVD

Georges Braque (1882-1963)

This portrait, told in the first person, brings to life the universe of a major artist in an accessible, intelligible manner.
At once painter, printmaker and sculptor, Georges Braque was one of the most audacious, prolific, imaginative artists of the 20th century. He and Picasso gave birth to Cubism.

After surviving a severe injury in The Great War, Braque continued along the representational path alone, abandoning himself to the conquest of space and color. From that moment on, a powerful, unique body of work gradually emerged, as he tirelessly represented the same simple subjects, drawn from everyday life, in his quest to extract the essential.

Michaël Gaumnitz's film depicts the evolution of that journey by way of Braque's work and the cities in which he lived - Le Havre; L'Estaque, with its Fauvist colors; and Varengeville in Normandy, his final home base and a great source of inspiration for his light and palette. It is a lively, engaging portrait of one of the masters of modern painting who remains steeped in mystery to this day.

  • A documentary filmmaker and painter himself, Michaël Gaumnitz has developed a unique, powerful body of work, dominated by his personal vision of history and his great love of art. Often garnering awards in France and abroad, his monographs are lively, joyous portraits of some of our greatest artists.
Publication date
Septembre 2013
Michael Gaumnitz and Harry Bellet
52 mn
English, French, Deaf and Hard of Hearing
French, English, Deaf and Hard of Hearing
INA, Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais

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