The Bohemian dream DVD

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The Bohemian dream DVD
The Bohemian dream DVD
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The Bohemian dream DVD
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Bohemia, you say?

But how do you define it? Do you mean Bohemians in the strictest sense, or the artists who admire and emulate them?

Perhaps the word bohème lends itself to confusion. Utter it, and you enter a fog of magical images and a storm of clichés.

Moseying through bohemia follows a road that swerves wildly from past to present, from painting to cinema, from opera to the arts of divination, from history to poetry.

The film's incisive vision of the myths and realities of "the Bohemian life" brings the colors and diversity into sharp focus.

Guided by poet and circus manager Alexandre Romanès, historian Henriette Asséo, singer Sanseverino, anthropologist Marc Bordigoni, flamenca dancer La Armenia, art historian Sylvain Amic, Django Reinhardt's grandsons David and Lewis, and double bass composer/performer and caracca Joëlle Léandre, we go from surprise to surprise.
Finally, we reach the conclusion: all roads lead to Roms!

Publication date
BOHEMES in Galeries nationales du Grand Palais, 26 september 2012 > 14 january 2013
Jean-Paul Fargier
Running time
52 mn
French, English
Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais

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