Toys histories Dvd

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Toys histories Dvd
Toys histories Dvd
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Toys histories Dvd

All over the world, children play with toys, dreaming of the future. Essential to child development, these objects arouse the imagination, contributing to self-fulfilment.

Throughout the 20th century, toymakers continued to produce dolls, figurines, and miniature cars. Nevertheless, major innovative variations on these classic themes stand out, impacting entire generations: Meccano, Lego, Barbie, G.I. Joe, Playmobil, Transformers, etc.

The cult-toy phenomenon is a thrilling subject, as much for the adventure of the toy's creation as for its ability to reflect its times. The rise of rail transport and the consumer society, of women's liberation and children's television programming can all be interpreted from the history of toys.

This film by Michel Viotte and Pascal Pinteau is as playful as its subject. Original toys are presented in miniature settings with special effects. While entertaining us, it gives us access to rare documents and observations.

52 mn.
French, English
FTD, Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais

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