Hippopotamus Mold

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Hippopotamus Mold
Hippopotamus Mold
Hippopotamus Mold

This bright blue, frozen Hippo Egyptian earthenware in the attitude of the market, seems to slip in the wave in the middle of the aquatic plants which it is decorated. Its excellent state of conservation and its large size make it an exceptional object. We know that it dates back to the seventeenth dynasty, at the end of the second intermediate period.
The hippopotamus was buried in the tomb with the funerary furniture. So he had a function within the burial. As submerged in water, the Hippo suggests the representation of the essential swamp, the Noun: the hippopotamus statuette filed near the Mummy has to function to announce the revival of the dead.

The box contains:
1 mold Hippopotamus in latex
1 set of paint (Pearly blue turquoise, yellow, black, white)
1 packet of 150 g plaster
1 brush booklet

Booklet 16 pages in full color. Notebook stung 140 x 165 mm portrait
Presentation and description of the work: (origin, dating, material, measures, rather than conservation...
The "river horse". Hippos of yesterday and today. Who are, where are they?
The ancient Egypt, historical mini-presentation. The bases of its political system.
The animal gods. Taweret, the hippopotamus goddess. Objects in the graves.
The modelling, pottery, decoration, "Egyptian blue".
Operating instructions to Mako-moulages, step by step.
Varnish and/or 'customize' his hippo, ideas to reuse the mold.

Boîte: 15 x 18 x 8 cm
6 years up
Is unsuitable for children less than 5 years. Use under the supervision of an adult. Read the instructions before use, comply and keep them as references. Photos and illustrations not contractual.
Mako, Les éditions Rmn-Grand Palais

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