Beaux Arts Special Edition / Giorgio de Chirico. Metaphysical painting

Beaux Arts Special Edition / Giorgio de Chirico. Metaphysical painting


The exhibition "Giorgio de Chirico. Metaphysical Painting" retraces the artistic and philosophical journey and influences that nourished the artist Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978) from Munich to Turin, then to Paris, where he discovered the pictorial avant-gardes of his time. In an unprecedented ...
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Dimensions :
28,3 x 29,4 x 0,4 cm
Museum :
Musée de l’Orangerie
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The artist

Giorgio De Chirico (1888 - 1978)

The Italian painter Giorgio De Chirico is one of the founders of Metaphysical painting. His mysterious landscapes populated with strange objects and ancient characters, such as the statue of Ariadne that marks the artist's paintings, have inspired many surrealist artists such as Breton or Magritte. After a baroque period, Giorgio De Chirico returns to his first metaphysical paintings of which he makes copies as endless variations of his work. Whether this exercise led to the destruction or the commercial increase of his work, De Chirico opened the reflection on the serial production of works, which inspired Andy Warhol and Max Ernst, among others.