The cubic statue of the Scribe Paari

The cubic statue of the Scribe Paari

The "statue-cube" appeared in Egypt as early as the Middle Kingdom (around 2000-1800 BC). It is intended to be placed in sanctuaries and not in tombs. It represents its patron in the form of a sanctified being. Their massive form, in addition to their aesthetic interest, makes them particularly resistant ...
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Dimensions :
44 x 22 x 28 cm
Material of the original work :
Granit noir
Material :
Entretien :
Ne pas exposer à une source de chaleur directe . Nettoyage : chiffon doux et sec
Museum :
Musée du Louvre
Matière de l'article :
Plâtre patiné à la main
Reference :


Museum of Conservation :
Londres, British Museum

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