Red Damask Stole

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Red Damask Stole
Red Damask Stole
Red Damask Stole

This stole is inspired by precious textiles from the Middle Ages, made with silk and metal threads and featuring rich weaving and decoration. This silk shows Oriental influences, particularly in its pattern of vine branches and leaves, symbols of opulence.

Stoles created by Petrusse

Taking inspiration from this type of precious cloth, Petrusse created their first collection of shawls and fabrics for the home in 1994. Borrowing details from certain very old motifs, the designer created new models of paisleys that fit in with modern trends, yet are still woven in a traditional way using the noblest materials.

A refined gift

While the workshops in Lucca, Italy enjoyed an excellent reputation in the 14th century for their production of fine silk decorated with birds and fantastic beasts, certain weaving techniques would indicate that the original silk piece from which this stole is inspired was probably made in the Middle East, perhaps in western Iran or Iraq.

150 cm x 30 cm
50% Wool, 50% Silk. Pattern taken from a fragment of silk and gold-thread lampas decorated with phoenixes in golden vine branches on a dark blue background.
Silk 100%, Wool
Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais

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