The pieces presented in these four universes contribute to the narrative of Earth and Men. Created since the 17th century, the collections of the Confluences museum are made of endless curiosities, from scholars and passionate amateurs, enriched by rational complements or fads of an era. More than 2 million objects contribute to the wealth of permanent and temporary exhibitions.

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Mini monsters, the invisible ones

26 June 2019 3 May 2020
Present on our bodies, thousands of insects and mites share our daily lives. Among them, lice, fleas, ticks or flies. All of them contribute to the balance of an ecosystem that we are disturbing. The exhibition invites young and old to step into the shoes of a scientist who, thanks to a microscope, unravels the mystery of this tiny world. Transported on the scale of "small animals", switch to a parallel...

The world of headdresses, the Antoine de Galbert donation

6 June 2019 15 March 2020
Surprising, and sometimes spectacular, headdresses protect the head, both literally and symbolically. As markers of identity, they allow warriors, newly-weds or monarchs to express their status in society. Amazed by their beauty and strangeness, Antoine de Galbert, founder of 'la maison rouge' in Paris, has collected more than five hundred of them. In 2017, he donated this extraordinary collection to the Musée des...

Beetles, extraordinary insects

21 December 2018 3 November 2019
From ladybugs to beetles, beetles and fireflies to beetles and beetles, beetles impress us with their amazing dimensions or capabilities. Present all over the world except the poles and seas, these insects are part of our daily lives. They are the source of many myths and beliefs around the world. By combining scientific and artistic perspectives, this exhibition offers you the opportunity to (re)discover these...

Himalayan Festivals: the Last of the Kalash

23 October 2018 1 December 2019
The exhibition presents the Kalash people, a community in northwest Pakistan that has a sacred relationship with the natural world. These goatkeepers and cereal farmers foster a genuine relationship with a multiplicity of gods and spirits, making them the last polytheistic society in the Himalayan Arc. From solstice to solstice, the seasons follow one another in this exhibition, true to the Kalash's cyclical...

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