The pieces presented in these four universes contribute to the narrative of Earth and Men. Created since the 17th century, the collections of the Confluences museum are made of endless curiosities, from scholars and passionate amateurs, enriched by rational complements or fads of an era. More than 2 million objects contribute to the wealth of permanent and temporary exhibitions.

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L'oiseau rare, de l'hirondelle au kakapo

18 December 2020 2 January 2022
Les oiseaux nous émerveillent. D'une grande diversité de tailles, de couleurs, de chants, de becs ou encore d'œufs et de nids, ils ont conquis le ciel et sont présents dans tous les milieux. Du colibri à l'autruche, on recense plus de 10 000 espèces dans le monde. Malgré leur grande capacité d'adaptation, les oiseaux sont aujourd'hui en grand danger. Victimes collatérales des activités humaines, leur déclin...

Africa in colors.

16 October 2020 22 August 2021
Far from the black and white clichés and museum sculptures covered with a dark and mysterious patina, this exhibition offers you an immersion in an Africa where colour is king. Statuettes, masks, pearl ornaments and multicoloured loincloths tell the story of a teeming universe in which the profane and the sacred are intermingled....

Makay, a refuge on Malagasy soil.

16 October 2020 22 August 2021
Explore a lost world and discover one of the last reserves of biodiversity on the planet, the survival of which is crucial for the future of humanity. Made up of hundreds of inextricable canyons, the Makay massif, located in the south-west of Madagascar, is a monumental work of nature. Its valleys have become a refuge that has allowed groups of animals and plants to differentiate themselves to the point of...

Traces of the living.

7 February 2020 4 April 2021
Bones, teeth and even horns are what remain of living beings. Their study allows us to retrace our history or to understand how vertebrates' bodies are structured. Used since prehistoric times for the shaping of tools and various objects, bones also carry a symbolic and spiritual charge that tells us about life while evoking its end. The exhibition therefore questions these traces of the past, which have always...

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