Chip earrings Rose of Cluny

Chip earrings Rose of Cluny

Jewel inspired by the Golden Rose kept in the Musée de Cluny.

Every year on the fourth Sunday of Lent, the pope would give a golden rose to one of his followers whom he wished to reward specially for religious or political reasons.

Thornless, like those that perfumed Heaven, it was the symbol of the ...
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Maintenance :
Avoid contact with water, chemicals and cosmetics
Museum :
Musée de Cluny - Musée du Moyen-Age
Art movement :
Middle Age
Material of the original work :
Or, verre de couleur
Artist :
Minucchio da Siena
Material :
Brass plated gold, aventurine
Dimensions :
1 cm
Reference :


Original work kept at :
Paris, musée de Cluny

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