Madame Adelaide Lip balm

Madame Adelaide Lip balm

Lip balm featuring the portrait of Madame Adelaide painted by Jean-Marc Nattier in 1756. The drawings are inspired by the bedroom of Madame Adelaide at the Versailles Castle.



Museum :
Musée des châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon
Themes :
Portrait, Historical figures
Artist :
Jean-Marc Nattier (1685-1766)
Art movement :
Material :
Wax, petroleum jelly
Reference :

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The artist

Jean-Marc Nattier (1685-1766)

Nattier was a Franch painter of the 17th century. He was awarded first prize for drawing by the Academy at only 15 years old. Later, he became an official portrait painter for the Court of Versailles.