Geometry, Card 24 of the Mantegna Tarot

Geometry, Card 24 of the Mantegna Tarot

Engraving Geometry, Card 24 by Cécile Reims born in 1927, based on Mantegna's tarot cards (1431-1506).
Twentieth century



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Musée du Louvre
Dimensions :
38 x 28 cm
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Author :
Andrea Mantegna (1431-1506)

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The artist

Cécile Reims

The technical mastery of engraving with a chisel, a difficult and demanding discipline, is quite remarkable for Cécile Reims. Curiously, she did not have a press in her studio and therefore did not print her own brass, neither during her work nor at the end of the production. All the prints were made at the Moret workshops in his presence.