Notebook Maier - Chicago, undated

Notebook Maier - Chicago, undated

This notebook was published on the occasion of the exhibition "Vivian Maier" at the musée du Luxembourg from 15 September 2021 to 16 January 2022.

Vivian Maier (1926 - 2009)
Chicago, undated / silver print , 2020. H. 40; L. 50 cm. Collection John Maloof, Chicago. Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York / ...
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Dimensions :
15 x 21 cm
Material of the original work :
Artist :
V. Maier (1926-2009)
Maintenance :
Placer dans un endroit sec
Museum :
Musée du Luxembourg
Art movement :
21st century
Matière de l'article :
Reference :


Original work kept at :
Collection John Maloof, Chicag

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The artist

V. Maier (1926-2009)

The career of Vivian Maier (New York, 1926 - Chicago, 2009) is atypical, but it is nevertheless that of one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century. It was at the heart of American society, in New York from 1951 and then in Chicago from 1956, that this governess meticulously observed the urban fabric that already reflected the great social and political changes in its history.