Revue DADA No 266 Special Edition / Rosa Bonheur

Revue DADA No 266 Special Edition / Rosa Bonheur


"I only enjoyed being among these animals, I studied them with passion." There is something familiar about her name, with its poetic undertones... But do we really know her art? Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899) was one of the most famous artists of her time, and her works can be found in prestigious ...
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Dimensions :
21,1 x 24,1 x 0,5 cm
Artist :
Rosa Bonheur (dit), Bonheur Marie Rosalie (1822-1899)
Art movement :
19th century
Museum :
Musée d'Orsay
Theme :
Size of the book :
Paperback with flap
Reference :

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The artist

Rosa Bonheur (dit), Bonheur Marie Rosalie (1822-1899)

Marie-Rosalie Bonheur, known as Rosa Bonheur, born on March 16, 1822 in Bordeaux and died on May 25, 1899 in Thomery, was a French painter and sculptor, specializing in genre scenes with animals, animal painting and sculpture. The fame she enjoyed during her lifetime quickly faded after her death; her painting was too far from modern trends. From 1980 onwards, biographical publications associated her with the beginnings of feminism because of the very emancipated life she led.