Delacroix - Notebook

Delacroix - Notebook

Léon Riesener** (1808-1878)
*Portrait d'Eugène Delacroix de face, en buste, 1842 - Daguerreotype / H. 6 ; W. 4,3 cm - Paris, musée d'Orsay

Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863)
Autographe avec taches de couleur, vers 1842 - Ink and watercolor / H. 18,3 ; W. 30,6 cm - Paris, musée Eugène Delacroix

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Number of pages :
Museum :
Musée du Louvre
Theme :
Dimensions :
15 x 21 cm
Artists :
Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863), Léon Riesener (1808-1878)
Art movements :
19th century, French paintings
Reference :

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The artist

Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863)

A French painter born in Charenton-Saint-Maurice, he is considered to be the main representative of romanticism in 19th century French painting. With a solid reputation, he received major orders from the State for canvases and decorations for walls and ceilings of public monuments. In the following years, he produced works inspired by historical or literary anecdotes as well as contemporary events (Freedom Guiding the People) or a trip to the Maghreb (Women of Algiers in their apartments).