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Léger and the New Realists The MAMAC collections in Biot

15 June 2024 18 November 2024

An exhibition organised at the Musée national Fernand Léger, Biot by the Musée national du XXe siècle des Alpes- Maritimes and the Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais in partnership with the Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain (MAMAC), Nice.

From June to autumn 2024, the Fernand Léger national museum in Biot and the Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain (MAMAC) in Nice will be celebrating artistic creativity with an exhibition bringing together the joyful and colourful work of the painter Fernand Léger (1881-1955) and key works from the MAMAC.

Picasso Consuming images

11 June 2024 15 September 2024

The Musée national Picasso-Paris presents its new temporary exhibition "Picasso Iconophage" from June 11 to September 15, 2024 in the first floor spaces. The exhibition analyzes the modernity of Pablo Picasso's conception of the image by exploring the artistic and extra-artistic sources of his work and their modes of appropriation.

Pablo Picasso's multi-referenced work is striking for the richness of its visual culture. Celebrated by the avant-garde as the destroyer of academicism, Picasso never ceased to present himself as the heir to a long pictorial tradition. His ambiguous relationship with art history raises both the question of sources and the question of how they are appropriated. A frequent visitor to the Louvre, Picasso accumulated a lifetime's worth of photographs, postcards, reproductions, posters, magazines and illustrated books, not to mention the works in his personal collection. This amassed repertoire of iconography is symptomatic of a new way of thinking about the image, free from the artistic field and historical time. Nevertheless, there is no literal quotation in his work: his variations on the paintings of the great masters are above all deconstructions; his forms and compositions are always hybrid. The exhibition highlights how Picasso's paintings, sculptures and drawings are part of a complex network of source images, with four themes running through his work: the hero, the Minotaur, the voyeur and the musketeer.


Cécile Godefroy, Head of the Centre d'Études Picasso, Musée national Picasso-Paris

Anne Montfort-Tanguy, Curator in the Graphic Art Department of the Musée national d'art moderne and professor of modern art history at the École du Louvre

Guardians of Time Monumental installations by Jiang Qiong Er

27 April 2024 1 February 2025

To open the Year of China in Guimet, monumental and spectacular installations take over the museum spaces for a contemporary and imaginative reinterpretation of Chinese cultural and mythological symbols.

Olympism Modern Invention, Ancient Legacy

24 April 2024 16 September 2024
Among the cultural events designed to accompany the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris is an exhibition at the Louvre on the creation of the first modern Olympic Games. Visitors will discover how the Games came into being in the late 19th century: the political context of the time, the iconographic sources on which they were based, and how the organisers set out to recreate the sporting competitions of ancient Greece.

Marie-Antoinette by Félix Lecomte

For the end of the year, four delicious new colors adorn our reproduction of the bust of Marie-Antoinette by Félix Lecomte!

What will tempt you? Mauve Marshmallow, Mint water, Iced peach or Mimosa candy?

Children's Books

Martine visits the Louvre

  • € 7.50
Martine at the Louvre returns... in English!

What luck! Martine and her class are going to visit the Louvre. Everyone is delighted, especially Budderball, who has been allowed to come, and Léo, Martine's boyfriend, who is passionate about ancient Egypt and dreams of seeing a real mummy. While the class admires the medieval moat, Leo gets distracted and enters the Ancient Egypt department. Fearing he might get lost, Martine follows him. Very quickly, they are lost... An adventure in the corridors of the Louvre, to meet the most beautiful works of art of this mythical museum.

From 5 to 7 years old

32 pages

Coédition Casterman / Louvre éditions
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