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Paris-Athens Birth of modern Greece 1675-1919

30 September 2021 7 February 2022
In 2021, Greece will celebrate the bicentenary of its independence; it was also 200 years ago, in 1821, that the Venus de Milo entered the Louvre collections. The exhibition traces the cultural, diplomatic and artistic links between Greece and France in the 19th century, highlighting the way in which the European view of Greece was transformed with the rediscovery of Greek antiquity....

Marina Lambraki Plaka, directrice de la Pinacothèque nationale-musée Alexandre Soutsos, Athènes ; Anastasia Lazaridou, directrice des Musées archéologiques, des Expositions et des Programmes éducatifs au ministère de la Culture et des Sports, Athènes ; Jean-Luc Martinez, président-directeur du musée du Louvre, assisté de Débora Guillon

Cinema at last! Arts, images and shows in France (1833-1907)

27 September 2021 16 January 2022
At the dawn of the XXᵉ century, cinema is just as much, if not more, a way of appropriating the world, bodies and representations, than a machine or a medium. An eminently social and popular new look, it was the product of an urban culture fascinated by the movement of beings and things and eager to make a spectacle of "modernity."...

Vivian Maier

15 September 2021 16 February 2022
The career path that Vivian Maier (New York, 1926 - Chicago, 2009) took is unusual yet is that of one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century. It was at the heart of American society, in New York from 1951 then in Chicago from 1956, that the children's governess meticulously observed the urban fabric that already reflected the great social and political changes in its history. It was the time of the...

Chaïm Soutine / Willem de Kooning, painting incarnate

15 September 2021 10 January 2022
The Musée de l'Orangerie presents an exhibition that brings together the works of Chaïm Soutine (1893-1943), a painter of the École de Paris of Russian origin (now Belarus) and Willem de Kooning (1904-1997), an American abstract expressionist of Dutch origin. This exhibition will specifically explore the impact of Soutine's painting on the pictorial vision of the great American painter....

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