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Former palace of the Kings of France, the Louvre Museum presents vast and rich collections: in all, more than 38.000 works of the ancient civilizations around the Mediterranean, the arts of Islam and Western art from the Middle Ages to 1848. The most famous artworks include the Mona Lisa, the Victory of Samothrace or the Venus de Milo, but also the squatting Scribe, the Code Hammurabi, or Vermeer’s Lacemaker.

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Claude Gillot

9 November 2023 26 February 2024
A draughtsman and printmaker in the last years of the Grand Siècle, Claude Gillot is known for the inventiveness and originality of his works, heralding the freedom of expression and mores of the Régence period (1715-1723). With his parodies, witchcraft scenes, farces and fairground improvisations, he is an artist known for satire, comedy and performing arts. His countless drawings, coveted by collectors,...

At the core of his work, a rich corpus of drawings illustrates his penchant for the comedy of the Comédie Italienne (Italian companies performing in France), with its pantomimes, acrobatics and cross-dressing figures. A costume and set designer for the Paris Opera starting in 1712, Gillot was also a sought-after decorator, notably collaborating with Claude Audran III on private interiors, and reinventing arabesque painting in the process.


Hélène Meyer and Xavier Salmon, Musée du Louvre

The treasure of Notre-Dame Cathedral, From Its Origins to Viollet-le-Duc

18 October 2023 29 January 2024
As restoration work on the cathedral enters its final stage, the Musée du Louvre dedicates an unprecedented exhibition to the treasury of Notre-Dame de Paris. This treasury will then return to the cathedral's neo-Gothic sacristy, built to hold it by Jean Baptiste Lassus and Eugène Viollet-le-Duc from 1845 to 1850. This exhibition provides a condensed history of the treasury through more than 120 works, restoring...

Notre-Dame's treasury, entirely reassembled after the French Revolution, is famous today for the prestigious relics it houses, particularly those of the Crown of Thorns and the Wood of the Cross, transferred from the former treasury of Sainte-Chapelle and, during the reign of Napoleon I, given new reliquaries in Notre-Dame.

The treasury is also renowned for the splendour of the masterpieces of French precious metalwork assembled there in the 19th century, especially those designed by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, providing extraordinary testimony to the history of Notre-Dame and of France itself.

The exhibition provides an unprecedented retrospective, exploring for the first time the history of the treasury prior to the French Revolution. Inventories, historic accounts, paintings, illuminated manuscripts, prints and other illustrated documents, along with several surviving pieces, will retrace the long story, starting in the Merovingian era, of Notre-Dame's treasury.

Naples in Paris. The Louvre Hosts the Museo di Capodimonte

7 June 2023 8 January 2024
Reasserting the importance of collaborative efforts among European museums, the Musée du Louvre has formed a partnership of unprecedented scope with the Museo di Capodimonte for 2023. The royal palace (reggia in Italian), which once served as a hunting lodge for Naples's Bourbon monarchs, is now one of the largest museums in Italy, as well as one of the most important picture galleries in Europe in terms of both...

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