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DVD Gardens, a Paradise for Artists

  • € 9.90
Gardens may vanish, but their depictions remain. Since ancient times, their combination of nature with artifice has set almost all artists dreaming at some time or other, and visual artists as different as Fragonard, Monet, Murakami and Tim Burton have endeavoured to render their unique visions of the garden.

Beautiful, sensual, poetic and mysterious, gardens recur throughout the history of art as the scene and embodiment of artists' dreams and anxieties and as symbols of the existential quest for Paradise.

Featuring artists Koichi Kurita, Giuseppe Penone, Luzia Simons, Pierre & Gilles, Peter Greenaway and Gregory Crewdson, curator Coline Zellal and landscape gardener Arnaud Maurières.


* Directors:
Stéphane Bergouhnioux and Anne-Solen Douguet both collaborate for Beall Productions, which produces and produces numerous audiovisual programs for public organizations (such as Rmn-Grand Palais, The Army Museum and La Cité des sciences et de l'industrie ) and private companies (Canal + in particular).
They both realized for the Rmn-Grand Palais the web documentary Robert Mapplethorpe and Daniel Buren, the work cut in situ.


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