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Day three, "Le Malade imaginaire" - Jean Lepautre
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Engraving Day three, Le Malade imaginaire - Jean Lepautre

  • € 300
"...] After the snack, which was very beautiful, Her Majesty having climbed the canal in superbly decorated gondolas, was followed by music, violins and oboes in a large vessel. Then the King went down to the head of the canal, and having entered the carriage, went to the theatre that had been set up in front of the cave for the representation of the comedy of the Imaginary Sick, Mr. Molière's last work.
The appearance of the cave served as a backdrop to this theatre, which was two and a half feet high. The frontispiece was a large architraved cornice, supported at both ends by two massifs with rustic ornaments, and similar to those that appear outside the cave. In each massif there were two niches, where on pedestals one could see two figures representing Hercules holding his club, and knocking down the Hydra, and on the other side Apollo leaning on his bow, and trampling on the snake Python [....]".
Excerpt from the Divertissements de Versailles given by the King to his entire Felibian court André, Paris, 1674.

The Ultimes are prints made from the original etching plates in the Chalcographie collection at the Musée du Louvre before they were put into storage for preservation reasons.

For reasons of preservation, it was decided to stop printing plates engraved before 1848. Before they left the Ateliers to go into the Louvre's reserves, some were printed one last time. These are the last ones. Each print is dated, numbered and stamped, and is sold with a certificate of authenticity, in a limited edition of 10.

Part of the Divertissements donnés par le Roy series of 1674, the print, along with five others, forms an ensemble on the arts for which the King developed a particular affinity.

This print reports on the third day of festivities. It illustrates the performance of Le Malade Imaginaire.
The background to this festivity is well known: Louis XIV, wishing to celebrate the conquest of Franche-Comté, had entertainment given at Versailles throughout the summer of 1674. It is recounted by André Félibien in Divertissements donnés par le Roy au retour de la conquête de la Franche-Comté.
Jean Lepautre (1648-1682), appointed ordinary engraver to King Louis XIV in 1667, produced this series and illustrated the royal entertainment given at Versailles in 1674. Engraving became a means of dissemination, showcasing the grandeur of royal entertainment as an accompaniment to official relations.

Modern proof printed on Pascal Jeanjean paper, laid 250 gr.
Last 10 draws made in November 2018.
Dated, numbered, stamped - delivered with certificate of authenticity.
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