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El Greco T-shirt The nobleman's hand - Museo del Prado

  • € 29.95
This unisex cotton t-shirt is illustrated with a detail from the work of Domenikos Theotokopoulos, known as El Greco (1541-1614), "The nobleman with his hand on his chest", circa 1580. Museo del Prado.

This bust-length portrait entered the royal collections as a donation by the widow of the Duke of Arco, gentlemanin- waiting, Equerry and Master of the Horse to Philip V. In his recreational estate at El Pardo, De Arco possessed a group of six portraits of gentlemen by El Greco whose provenance is now unknown.This group would come to constitute the principal holdings of portraits by the artist now in the Museo del Prado.The present canvas is one of the earliest works by El Greco painted in Spain, and the most distinctive of the six.The sitter, who is aged around 30, is dressed according to Spanish fashion of the late 1570s, with a narrow, white ruff that reaches up behind his ears and
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