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Roses, peonies and irises by the great masters of Japanese prints

  • € 24.95

A true celebration of roses, peonies and irises, this box set, accompanied by an explanatory booklet, displays in accordion format more than sixty works by the greatest masters of Japanese prints. Because in the land of the rising Sun, flowers are sacred and endowed with a secret language, hanakotoba . Majestic scarlet peonies, symbols of wealth and femininity, purple irises bordering ponds and rivers with their slender stems, delicate and fragrant roses surrounded by birds, butterflies and dragonflies: from Hokusai to Hiroshige, Utamaro or Harunobu, the artists reveal their pictorial virtuosity, alternating spectacular close-ups of the blooms or lush overall views.
Each of these flowers reveals its secrets in infinite variations of colors, shapes and scents in the heart of preserved nature.

274 pages

Éditions Hazan
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