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Under the sign of the moon - The heraldry of King Henry II

  • € 7

This book proposes to shed light on the meaning of the monogram of Henry II, an issue that still divides specialists today and gives rise to many readings.
The two intertwined Ds, linked by an H in the monogram of Henry II, have long been associated with his famous favourite, Diane de Poitiers. As a result of this interpretation, the Duchess' mark on the decorations of a significant number of monuments and objects was seen, and thus given great influence.
But are they really two Ds? Could it be two Cs or two croissants, signs that are also part of Henri II's emblematic?
Conducting a real investigation, the author unravels the threads of a historical ambiguity, always maintained by a taste for alcove secrets.
This publication is part of the cultural events commemorating in 2019 the anniversary of the birth of Henri II (31 March 1519) and Catherine de Médicis (13 April 1519).

56 pages / 32 illustrations
French language
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