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Socks Rose and Cornflowers 36/41 - Château de Versailles

Socks Rose and Cornflowers 36/41 - Château de Versailles

  • € 16.95
These socks are decorated with cornflowers, a common wildflower.

Cornflowers began to appear in decorations starting in 1772. Marie-Antoinette loved them and made bouquets of them in her Hamlet. , this ribbon scarf brings a touch of art to your outfit, all in finesse.

These socks are knitted and made in a workshop in New Aquitaine, France. The factory was created in 1938 and has been passed down from father to son for three generations. The company has been labelled as a living heritage company and guaranteed French origin. Since 1938, the values have remained the same: authenticity, durability and creativity. The quality of the yarns used makes these socks soft, comfortable and very resistant.
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