Renaissance Line - Ecouen Castle

The Rmn-Grand Palais is honouring the Renaissance through a collection of stationery made from models of foliage, grotesques and moresques by Johann Ambrosius Siebmacher (c. 1561-1611), an engraver from Nuremberg.

The "Rinceaux" jewels

Balthazar Van den Bos

The "Rinceaux" jewels are inspired by a series of rinceaux models by Balthazar Van den Bos (1518-1580), an Antwerp engraver whose engravings are preserved in the Rothschild collection of the Louvre Museum. Collection of French manufacture in brass gilded with fine gold.

The "Renaissance" stationery

The "Renaissance" line, created by the Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais, is inspired by the ornamental motifs of the Renaissance, a period in history and an artistic movement. This ornamental repertory, which is distantly reminiscent of antiquity, had a strong influence on designers until the 19th century. Its success has not been denied over the centuries. Particularly under the reign of Louis XIV, where artists were constantly drawing motifs to enhance the decorative arts.

Johann Ambrosius Siebmacher

The "Renaissance" line of stationery accessories, a lamp and jewelry invites refinement. The stationery accessories and the lamp reveal the grotesque and moresque ornaments of Johann Ambrosius Siebmacher (1561-1611), German painter, engraver and heraldist.

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