Art nouveau

Recognizable by its curves and references to nature, art nouveau was established from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. The arabesques contrast with previous artistic trends. In addition to Hector Guimard's famous Parisian subway entrance, many artists have distinguished themselves in this colourful style. Animals, flowers and trees are represented. Artists have used various materials : glass, ironwork, wood, or even mosaics.
Did you know?
Art nouveau is also called "noodle style", because of the curves that characterize it.
" There are no straight lines or sharp angles in nature. Therefore, buildings should not have any straight lines or sharp corners. " Antoni Gaudi

Alphonse Mucha

12 September 2018 30 January 2019 Exhibition Finished
Born in 1860 in the small town of Ivančice, Alphonse Mucha became famous in 1895 in Paris, with Gismonda, his first poster for Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923), the greatest actress of the time. As a poster artist, Mucha developed a very personal style, the "Mucha style", characterised by sinuous forms mixing young women, floral motifs and ornamental lines, as well as a subtle range of pastel shades. This style...

Exhibition organised by the Rmn - Grand Palais in co-production with Arthemisia and the collaboration of the Mucha Foundation, Prague

Curator: Tomoko Sato, curator of the Mucha Foundation, Prague

Set design: Atelier Maciej Fiszer

Graphics: Atelier KS


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