Surrealism was first a literary movement in the 20th century, and was later joined by visual arts, photography and film. In response to the failure of the war, artists sought a liberation from thought, which would no longer be dictated by reason. They are in search of a liberation from creation and expression, based on dreams' mechanisms. André Breton defined the movement in the first Manifesto of Surrealism in 1924. Mainly based in Paris, then world capital of the arts, the artists come from all over Europe and the United States: Eluard, Aragon, De Chirico, Ernst, Masson, Man Ray, Miró, Magritte or Dalí.
Did you know?
The "exquisite corpse" game was invented by the Surrealists. First used by writers, it consisted in writing a sentence without knowing what the previous player wrote. Each player had to write a subject, verb and then complement. The process was then applied to drawing. This game involves the unconscious, major topic for surrealists.
" Dear imagination, what I love the most about you is that you don't forgive. " André Breton

Giorgio de Chirico. Metaphysical painting.

16 September 2020 14 December 2020 Exhibition Finished
The exhibition Giorgio de Chirico. Metaphysical painting retraces the career and the artistic and philosophic influences of the artist Giorgio de Chirico from Munich to Turin, then to Paris where he discovered the artistic avant-garde of his era, and lastly Ferrare. The connections between the painter - discovered by Apollinaire and subsequently backed by the art dealer Paul Guillaume - and the Parisian cultural and...

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