Intaglio printing

Intaglio printing

Les plaques sont tirées sur les presses taille-douce de l'Atelier de la Chalcographie de la Rmn - Grand Palais, à Saint Denis.

Le procédé de gravure en creux est par nature d'une grande exigence technique, il s'associe à celui de l'imprimerie avec toute sa rigueur artisanale.

The print reveals on a sheet of paper everything that is directly or chemically engraved in copper.

The preparation of the ink and paper, the inking of the plate, the voluntary gesture of the palm of the hand when wiping, the energetic and flexible striking of the press to transfer the ink onto the sheet all contribute to the production of prints in the purest tradition of a craft.

The printer's mission is to reveal on paper everything that has damaged the copper surface and constitutes the drawing engraved by the artist: deep lines, scratches, grains, frosting. All these hollows are ink reservoirs.

Printing copper is a series of operations to be carried out with method and care: stripping, cleaning, inking, wiping, pressing and finally drying - all operations to be repeated for each print.

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