Magnet Tuby - The Fountain of Apollo

Magnet Tuby - The Fountain of Apollo

A water feature already existed here in 1636, during the reign of Louis XIII, and was known as the Lake of the Swans. Louis XIV later added the spectacular and famous work in gilded lead of Apollo riding his chariot. This piece, built by Tuby on a design by Le Brun, is based on the legend of Apollo, ...
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Dimensions :
4,2 x 11,7 cm
Museum :
Musée des châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon
Themes :
Architecture, Historical heritage
Maintenance :
Store in a dry place
Artist :
Jean-Baptiste Tubi, dit le Romain (C. 1635-1700)
Art movement :
17th century
Material :
Metal alloys
Reference :


Original work kept at :
Château de Versailles

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