Napoleon's Busts creation

Offer to yourself the limited edition of Napoleon's Busts. To commemorate the bicentenary of the First Emperor's death, Les Ateliers d'Art from Rmn-Grand Palais propose an exceptional edition of colored busts to decorate your interiors or these of your entourage. Only 30 busts in blue, 30 busts in red and also 20 busts in gold have been made for the event.

Unique pieces

For over two centuries, the craftsmen of the Rmn-GP have put their unique savoir-faire at the service of one of the largest and most prestigious collections of original moulds to reproduce the masterpieces of sculpture, from Antiquity to the present day.

An exceptional limited edition

In commemoration of the bicentennial of Napoleon Bonaparte emperor's death, only 30 copies by colour have been created. 30 busts in empire red, 30 busts in empire blue and 20 busts in conqueror gold are proposed. The busts are also available in black or white in unlimited edition.

A colorful edition

The mouldings exist in blue, white, red, black and gold. Each reproduction is signed and dated by the patina artist's hand.

Napoleon' Bust

Beginning with engravings or small objects sold during the Directory, Napoleon's image was circulated in great quantities in all social classes during the Empire. This official propaganda ceased with the restoration of the Bourbons, and the half-pay officers had to resort to seditious objects in which Napoleon's image was often concealed by the figure of Louis XVIII. Police supervision eased up slightly after the Emperor's death in 1821, but it was not until the accession of Louis Philippe, in 1830, that copies of all sorts of popular objects of the hero and his main exploits became widely available once more. Printed faience, fabrics, statuettes, tobacco boxes and prints were an extraordinary means of propaganda for the Napoleonic legend. They kept the memory of the Emperor alive among the working classes, who were staunch supporters of Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, the future Napoleon III.

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