Mountain lakes - Louise Bourgeois

Mountain lakes - Louise Bourgeois

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Since 1989, the Louvre Museum and the Réunion des Musées Nationaux have commissioned contemporary artists to produce engraved boards for the Chalcography, which guarantees the exclusivity of the draw, without limiting the number of events. ...
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Delivery :
Order shipped directly from the Art Workshops within 8 days
Entretien :
Eviter toute source d'humidité et de lumière directe. Ne pas plier la feuille
Technical :
Pointe sèche, Burin, Eau-forte
Copper plate size :
45,5 x 60,5 cm
Dimensions :
63 x 90 cm
Date de gravure :
Size of the sheet :
60 x 73.5cm
Museum :
Musée du Louvre
Reference :


Editor :
Ateliers d'art de la Rmn-GP
Museum of Conservation :
Chalcographie du Louvre
Author :
L. Bourgeois (1911-2010)

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The artist

Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010)

French sculptor and visual artist, naturalized American, she moved to New York in 1938 after marrying an American art historian. She spent most of her artistic life there. Although she does not claim to be from any particular movement, she is close to surrealism, expressionism, as well as feminism. Louise Bourgeois is known for her particularly imposing sculptures, but she also practices painting and engraving. In particular, she questions the themes of family and eroticism. Her most famous works are giant sculptures of spiders, symbolizing the maternal figure.