Care instructions for engravings

Care instructions for engravings

The chalcography workshop of GrandPalaisRmnAteliers carefully monitors the quality of its prints. Made from the original plates of the Louvre's Chalcography collection, each engraving has a stamp of the Chalcography, guaranteeing its origin and quality.

The Louvre's Chalcography stamp

Be careful your stamp has several enemies: fingers (traces of grease), humidity (stains, curled leaf), heat (paper breakage), light (yellowing). To keep your stamp in the best conditions, certain precautions must be taken.

Precautions when opening

  • Unpack the print with clean hands.
  • Grasp it between the thumb and index finger by two diametrically opposed corners.
  • This stamp is deliberately rolled image outside so that when the tube is opened the sheet returns to its flatness more quickly.

For unframed prints

Handle the stamp carefully in a clean and dry environment: it is recommended to wear white cotton gloves or tissue paper.

To prevent the paper from warping or breaking, store your prints in a healthy place, away from humidity, at a stable temperature and away from a heat source.

Keep your prints flat, do not use a tube. If several prints are stacked, slide a sheet of protective paper between each print.

Store your prints in acid-free, Ph neutral supports/materials. Some wrapping papers such as silk or crystal paper can be used.

For framed prints

Do not hang your print near a direct heat source, and do not expose your print to direct light (especially the moon or sun).