The castle of Écouen, now houses the exceptional collections of the National Museum of the Renaissance. Property of a great lord of the Renaissance, Anne de Montmorency, who grew up in the intimacy of Francis I, then prospered under the protection of Henry II, Ecouen is a House like no other: it inscribed in its stones the ambitions and successes of a powerful man who is also a patron and an esthete passionate about art.

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Pathelin, Cléopâtre, Arlequin. Drama in France during Renaissance.

17 October 2018 28 January 2019
Pathelin, a cunning and deceitful lawyer, Cleopatra, a historical and legendary figure from antiquity, and Harlequin, the most famous figure in the commedia delle maschere, perfectly illustrate this exhibition as they each embody a type of Renaissance drama: farce, tragedy and Italian comedy. Renaissance theatre manifests itself in dramatic forms as varied as they are spectacular. Far from turning the page on the...

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