In spite of the many royal domains which he had at his disposal, it was at Versailles, where, according to the word of Saint-Simon, there existed only a "little house of cards" which Louis XIII had made there to no longer sleep on the straw. In 1661 Louis XIV chose to build a castle worthy of its prestige. Taking over the team that built Vaux-le-Vicomte, the ruler launched the largest construction site of the century that will employ up to 36,000 workers. In 1682, the Sun King and the court officially settled in Versailles. The castle was the home of the kings of France until the revolution of 1789.

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Louis-Philippe and Versailles

6 October 2018 3 February 2019
On 6 October 1789, when Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette and the royal family were forced to leave Versailles, the Château was deserted and definitively ceased to be a royal residence. Heir to the Orléans family, Louis-Philippe has little common history with the Versailles of the Ancien Régime but shows his interest in the palace as soon as he acceded to the throne in 1830. The new king of the French is committed to...

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